New Feature: More Manufacturing Information

PCBShopper has a great new feature! Many manufacturers offer different services with different prices. ExpressPCB, for example, has several services including Standard, Miniboard, MiniboardPro, ProtoPro, and more. Bay Area Circuits has Weekend Warrior, 2 Layer Special, Golden Gate, etc. Previously, we’d give you the best price from a manufacturer but we didn’t show you which service that price came from. You could go to the manufacturer’s web site and be unsure where to find the price we gave you.

We’ve solved that by adding extra information to the price comparison table. Now, if a manufacturer has multiple services, we tell you which service to use for the best price. It shows up in italics under the manufacturer’s name.

Now that we have the ability to display extra information for each manufacturer, the door is open for more useful features. If you have any ideas about what other info we can display, please contact us and let us know.