PCBShopper is visited hundreds of times a day by electronic engineers and hobbyists. Many of them have a printed circuit board design ready to be manufactured, and are visiting PCBShopper to make their final decision about which manufacturer to use. For a PCB manufacturer, advertising on PCBShopper gets your message in front of customers at the optimal moment.

But PCBShopper visitors buy more than just PCBs. They buy parts to populate their boards, test equipment to troubleshoot their designs and modules that provide more advanced functionality. If you sell to electronic engineers or hobbyists, you can find customers on

PCBShopper offers several opportunities for advertisers:

  • There are two 468×60 banners along the top of each page.
  • There is a 250-pixel-wide column on the right side of each page. Ads placed in that column can be any height.
  • PCB manufacturers in the price results can have a green “Go to Order Page” button displayed beneath their price. When a user clicks this button, his browser goes straight to the quote form on the manufacturer’s web site. Optionally, PCBShopper can send the user’s board specifications to the manufacturer’s site so that the quote form can be filled out automatically; this makes it easier for the user to complete his order.
  • PCB manufacturers in the price results can also have a one or two line text ad appear beneath their price information.
  • There is a Sponsored Links area at the bottom of the right column. Advertisers there get a 16×16 icon next to their company name.

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