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More Smart Order Buttons

Elecrow is the latest manufacturer on PCBShopper to implement the Smart Order button, joining PCBWay and ALLPCB. Smart Order buttons are like regular Order buttons: you click them and go to the manufacturer’s quote form. But with Smart Order buttons, the manufacturer’s form is filled out for you with your board’s specs; the same specs you entered to get prices from PCBShopper.

It’s a very cool feature, and we thank Elecrow, PCBWay, and ALLPCB for working with us to implement it.

Improved Shipping Info for Elecrow

You might have noticed that some prices in the “Total with shipping” column are marked “(est.)”. This is because PCBShopper is unable to get shipping information from some manufacturers’ web sites, and so we have to estimate the cost and delivery time. Obviously, it’s better to get that information from the manufacturer’s site.

Elecrow has been working with us to do just that, and the results are now live on PCBShopper. Where we used to show estimated shipping for Elecrow, we now have accurate and exact numbers directly from their site. Thank you for your help, Elecrow!

New Assembler: PCBWay

PCBWay has been in our fabrication price calculator for a long time. Today, we have added them to our PCB assembly calculator as well.

New Feature: Smart Order Buttons

We’re very excited to announce our newest feature: smart Order buttons. If you click the green Go to Order Page button in the price results for ALLPCB, you will, as before, go to their quote form. But now, when you get there, you will see that the quote form has already been filled out with your board’s specifications! Not only does this save you time and effort in completing your order, but it has the added benefit (especially for Americans) of converting the size of your board into millimeters. (ALLPCB’s site asks for the size of your board in millimeters, whereas some people think of their board’s size in terms of inches).

We’d like to thank ALLPCB for their cooperation in implementing this feature. We’ve discussed smart Order buttons with manufacturers before, but ALLPCB is the first to work with us to implement them.

New Assembler: ALLPCB

ALLPCB has been in our fabrication price calculator for a few months now. Today, we have added them to our PCB assembly calculator as well.

New Manufacturer: ALLPCB

We’ve just added ALLPCB to our Fabrication price comparison list. ALLPCB is an unusual company: when you do a search for prices on their site, it returns the results from several different Chinese factories. You can then choose which factory to order from, although ALLPCB still handles the ordering process.

When PCBShopper shows you a price from ALLPCB, it will be from the factory offering the lowest price that meets your schedule (as specified in PCBShopper’s “Boards arrive in…” field).

New Feature: Board Thickness

By popular request, we have added a new PCB specification: board thickness. You can now specify the thickness of your board, choosing from 0.6, 0.8, 1.0. 1.2, 1.6 (the default), or 2.0 mm. We hope you find this useful.

More Solder Mask Colors

We’ve added more solder mask colors to our list: black matte, green matte, and transparent. Not many manufacturers offer these colors, but we’ll help you find the ones that do.

Solder mask color is usually an aesthetic choice, and is more of a “want” than a “must have”. And so when a manufacturer does not offer the requested color, we still show the manufacturer’s price, typically for boards with a green solder mask (although if you requested black matte and a manufacturer offers black, we’ll show you that price). We flag the price with a warning sign to let you know it’s not in your requested color.

We hope you find this useful.

Dirty PCBs is back

A while back, Dirty PCBs changed their web site and PCBShopper was no longer able to get prices from them. We have now updated our code to use their new site and Dirty PCBs is once again appearing in our price comparison calculator.

Unfortunately, their new web site no longer allows us to get shipping costs, and so PCBShopper will show estimated shipping costs for Dirty PCB orders.

New Assembler: Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio was one of the first PCB manufacturers on PCBShopper. Today, we’ve added them to our PCB assembly list as well. Seeed provided a straightforward API to fetch assembly prices which made them easy to add.

Seeed’s online form combines PCB manufacturing with assembly, whereas PCBShopper prices them separately. So if you want Seeed to assemble boards that they did not manufacture, you might need to contact them directly.

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