Improved Manufacturer: Advanced Circuits

Up until now, we only calculated prices for Advanced Circuits (4PCB)’s barebones, $33/board, and $66/board services. That’s fine for prototype PCB orders, but not for large PCB orders. Also, the $33 and $66 services only offered green solder masks.

We now get prices from Advanced Circuits’ Standard and Custom services too. If you want a solder mask color other than green, you’ll see a big price increase in the quote from Advanced Circuits. That’s because, previously, we were showing you the price for green PCB boards. But you specified a color, which means you’re willing to pay more for it, and so we now quote you the price from the Custom service.

On the other hand, if you’re ordering a large number of printed circuit boards (more than roughly 10 or 20 boards, depending on the size) you will now see a lower price from Advanced Circuits, since their Standard Spec and Custom Spec quotes are better than their $33 or $66 deals when quantities get larger.