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There are 4 reviews with an average rating of 4.  

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Lucian Copeland on U&I
Website is impossible

The website for this service is nearly impossible to use. It resets and has interrupting prompts constantly, does not calculate any panel information for you, and cannot process orders for multiple designs at the same time. It also failed to register us after three tries and still says our user ID does not exist. We'll be using something else.

by Miguel Piedrahita on U&I
Overall great

We've been using U&I as our main supplier for prototyping and low-volume production for about 3-4 years. We like their no-fuss ordering process, excellent prices, and consistent on-time shipment. Board quality is good too.

by Joseph Chiu on U&I
Impressed with the quality and turnaround

I am very impressed with the quality of the boards that I received. I've been heavily using US quick-turn suppliers for most of my work, but I needed to run 300 pcs with 5/5 features, so I decided to shop it around. Given Korea's general reputation for being quality-minded, I decided to go to U&I instead of the lowest-quoted suppliers in China.

The ENIG and soldermask looked great -- but what really made me happy is the overlays -- very fine-features tiny text is very legible, instead of the bumpy/ragged mess that comes from screened overlays.

I'll be sending more to them for sure!

UPDATE 01/02/2017: Continued to be impressed

I've reordered a few more times from U&I and have been continued to be impressed by the quality of the boards that they make.

I did have a small problem with them due to the way their website works -- I accidentally submitted the wrong set of design files, but there was no obvious way to catch that error until I received the boards.

Even though it was ultimately my mistake, U&I provided a generous discount to produce and ship the correct design.

To avoid the same mistake that I made, make sure to write an order note indicating the correct submission zip filename; or request a check-plot.

by Sam on U&I
Multi-Year satisfied customer of U&I

I have been using U&I for my prototype and production PCBs for about 4 years (about 40 different designs) and I have to say that they are one of the best PCB manufacturers around. Their prototype PCBs are excellently priced and the quality is simply outstanding... hole registration is bang on and they use a super tight high quality solder mask which is the best I have seen. I have never had a bad board. They are my board house!