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There are 8 reviews with an average rating of 4.  

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Richard Jones on ShenZhen2U
Will use again

Slight delay due to their holidays but their website did state this. I'm happy with the delivery and packing. I built 2 boards within days, leaded finish was fine for this use but I should have gone lead free. 3 week later there's some dulling but no problem hand solderring a few optional bits on (0603, QFN and pth).
Through holes are spot on in the centre of pads / vias, hole sizes within 0.1mm for the M3 mounting and I measured 0.43mm for a 0.4mm via.
Legend is crisp and even, resist is even and well defined.

by Boris on ShenZhen2U
Good quality, satisfied

Very good quality. I will order again.

by Tomas Gradin on ShenZhen2U
Very happy

I ordered 10 boards, 56×36 mm, one circuit layer, silkscreen on both sides. I asked for a picture before shipping, both to see the results and to see how long manufacture took.

Sent GERBER files and placed order on: 12 November (Saturday)
Received photo of finished boards: 22 November
Received (Deutsche Post option): 2 December (Friday)

Total price: $9.90 + $10.86 shipping = $20.76

The PCBs are exactly as ordered, all the tiny 2pt text on the silkscreen is clear and legible, and the board edges are routed, not V-grooved, so it has a nice and smooth surface overall.

I am very satisfied with the results, and receiving this high quality in less than three weeks at this price – very impressive.

I will definitely order from them again, in fact I already did.

by Pierre on ShenZhen2U
10 boards, 2 layers, 2 weeks

I ordered 10 boards, 100mm*100mm, 2 sides, with 9 different designs (not cut).
From order to receive, it took exactly 2 weeks with DHL.
Good quality, good packaging.

They didn't charge me for sub-boards, as I didn't ask them to cut them apart.

They took my GERBER files with no problem and they even checked that there was no problem before I ordered.

I will order with next time I need it.

by Adam on ShenZhen2U
will not accept GERBER files/got back bad boards

I submitted identical GERBER bundles (the exact same zip archive) to three different fabs. The other two had no problem; Shenzhen2U replied:

> Thanks for your order. But we can not open your Gerber correctly.If you are using EAGLE/Altium Designer/PADS, you can send us your PCB file directly.

Unwilling to send my originals, I notified them that the GERBER files had no problem and in fact could be opened with the standard open-source "gerbv" tool:

> It opens fine in the standard open-source "gerbv" GERBER viewer tool.

They gave a one-line reply:

> The factory do not use gerbv tool.

So, basically, they weren't even willing to explain what problem they had opening the files, which neither of the other two board houses (elecrow+itead) encountered when using the exact same input file.

I give them one star for being unwilling to even attempt to figure out what went wrong on their end. Not encouraging.

UPDATE 6/15/2015:

So, after repeatedly rejecting my GERBER files they mysteriously decided to make my boards and ship them to me anyways.

I sent the exact same four-layer GERBER package to five different board houses: iTead, smart-prototyping, shenzen2u, seeed studio, and OSH Park.

The smart-prototyping and shenzen2u boards came back bad; soldered up six of them (three each) and the FPGA JTAG was unresponsive on all of them.

For comparison, I soldered up one OSH Park and four iTead boards, all of which worked perfectly.

It's a four-layer board with a BGA, so hunting down the manufacturing mistake is about ten times costlier than the board itself.

I suspect that shenzen2u and smart-prototyping are really two fronts for the same fab; they have the same web UI and when I change my shipping address on one site it shows up changed on the other site! The boards were both of similar quality, significantly lower quality than iTead/OSHPark. Their copper etch is nowhere near as good as iTead or OSHPark.

by Stefano on ShenZhen2U
Good quality, low price, slow shipping

Good quality, low price, long shipping times.

Sent order one week before chinese new year festival.
Pcbs 8 x 10 cm, 2 layer, silk screen on both sides.
Uploaded files and paid: 25/1 (sunday)
Processing: 26 jan
Shipped: 3 feb (received email and link with photos)
Received: 27 feb

So 8 days for manufacturing and 24 days of travel.
I live in Italy and have chosen "Air Mail by Deutsch Post".
These long shipping times does not depend on manufacturer but are mainly due to Italian customs.

by Andy on ShenZhen2U
Good quality, very slow shipping

2 Layer PCB quality is average, no different than other vendors.
I ordered frameless stencil as well, and total price was not bad at all.

PCB did not have very small traces , smallest via was 0.5mm drill hole and they all centered OK.
Silk screen is very weak, letters are not sharp, I would only give it 2 out of 5.

It took only 3 days to make boards, 6 days to get to UPS, and 5 days via UPS.

Overall I am only giving 3 stars because I am disappointed with communication and shipping speed:
It was only one email with "processing" about 24 hours after the order. Then nothing in 8 days.
When I contacted them, they sent me picture saying "shipped", without a tracking.
Picture was taken 6 days earlier (I can see picture date), it means they made boards in 3 days, but it took another week before UPS actually got them.
UPS was not in a hurry since they pay for cheapest method possible and took 5 days to get to USA. Compare to other vendors using FEDEX I am getting boards in 2 days max.

So if you need boards fast, then use someone else.

by Andy on ShenZhen2U
Good quality for a cheap price

I recently ordered 10 PCBs from Shenzhen2u with these specs:
- 2 Layers
- 5cm X 5cm
- 1.6mm thickness
- HASL (hot air solder leveling) finish
- no other special gimmicks, like "rushed" lead time

Shenzen2U provides a CAM file for Eagle users. You must watch out, as the Silkscreen layers use the tPlace, tName, bPlace and bName layers instead of silkscreen layers 121 and 122.

Other than that, the boards are of good quality and work fine. No missed drill hits or broken connections.

From the time of placing the order, it took 5 days to process the order and another 9 days to ship to Germany.