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Seeed Fusion

Sep 05, 2017 by Matt

I was skeptical of what i'd get for $0.49/PCB, but Seeed Studio surprised me. I placed my order on Monday, August 29th. The order changed to production status the next day and I surprisingly received DHL shipping notification on Thursday, August 31. DHL delivered boards on Monday, Sept. 4. 7 days from order to delivery!
The service was easy to use. I especially appreciated the DRC rules files provided and the CAM script, which pretty much guaranteed successful submission of files.
Looking at the quality of the board, i'm also impressed given the low cost of the PCBs. Silkscreen registration is off slightly, maybe 2-3mils to the right, but nothing egregious like silkscreen on copper. Soldermaks looks good (i went with black soldermask and white silkscreen). Looking at the silkscreen under a scope, I can see the dot matrix, but to the naked eye, it looks great. Consistent across the board. Drills are decently centered on pads, vias look good, Non-plated drills are also clean, Copper under soldermask looks smooth and even. No shorts or other obvious manufacturing problems. Board outline was nicely routed, accurate and smooth.
I'll definitely go back to Seeed Fusion again.

Aug 15, 2017 by Paul Bearne

Appalling service 17 days after placing the order the board still hasn't gone into production keep fobbing me off with stupid voucher that you need to spend $100 before you can use.Still can't get an answer from them when they are going to ship it will never use these them again

Amazing For the Price

Jun 15, 2017 by Joey C.

I have ordered several times from Seeed. Boards arrive clean, Tolerances are spot on, and drills have been nearly perfect. HASL has been good to me as well, with no shorts between high pitch pads as of yet. Soldermask colors look great. Silkscreen doesn't have the finest of detail when observed under magnification, but looks great otherwise, much better than other chinese fabs. Boards have batch code randomly placed, about 50% of the time under a chip, but sometimes out in the open for no good reason. Boards come with edges milled clean, vacuum packed with bubble padding, in a box, in a DHL bag. Choose DHL shipping, I usually get my boards in a little over a week, with shipping taking 2 days.

Adequate prototype PCB service

May 16, 2017 by Mark Osborne

Copper, solder mask and drills were excellent. Board perimeter is fully routed, no support tabs to remove.
It be nice if silk screen was higher resolution.
Shipping from China to US can be slow.
They add a tracking number to the silk screen of every board which can be annoying.
Checkout for more details.


May 13, 2017 by Bart

Ordered my first prototype here and everything went well, the PCB was aligned very well and made professionally, I had traces as close as 6mil (which is the absolute maximum) function without issues or shorts.

Definitely will be using seeedstudio again for my second prototype (And probably many after, until the project is done)

Just one thing, the cheapest shipping option takes /ages/. And I don't mean one month, it took almost 3 months before my order arrived.
I would've given 5 stars if the shipping wasn't so slow, but I'll be using DHL next time to prevent this.

Quality fine, shipment slow

Apr 11, 2017 by John Nagle

Seeed seems to do a good job at making boards. Pricing is good. Files from KiCAD work fine. Shipping is a bit slow, though. Pay for the DHL option, or shipping takes a month.

Could not have been better!

Mar 08, 2017 by Chris

I designed my first PCB in over 20 years, and my first ever using KiCad. Rather than a simple test board, I dived right in with a reasonably complex through hole design. With some trepidation caused only by my inexperience, I submitted the design to Seeed Studio for manufacturing.
I could not have been happier with the result. From the easy to use ordering web page, to the excellent progress updates about the order, everything went smoothly.
The order was shipped almost exactly five days after being placed, and was delivered to my door in rural Australia via DHL three days later. Very impressive.
The PCBs themselves were truly superb. I could not fault the quality in any way.

Great PCB's - Bad Communication

Feb 24, 2017 by Ashley

As part of a university project I decided to design my own PCB and get it produced. Unfortunately, I made a mistake on my first order.. which I admit. I accidentally drew the bottom layer as a top layer, which caused the layout to become mirrored. When it arrived I couldn\'t use it because my PIC IC pins wouldn\'t line up.

I corrected my design, purchased some more and asked Seeed if they could check the boards before producing just in case - which they agreed to.

I got an email saying they posted the order, so I asked if they checked the boards and they said everything look fine and they sent me a picture. In the picture the board looked the same and was still mirrored.

So I asked if they would give me a refund, since they promised to check the PCB for me and didn\'t, but they said they wouldn\'t. After much heartache.. they gave me a $10 coupon, for orders over $100.

My PCB\'s arrived in good time and amazingly the boards were perfectly fine? So I guess Seeed made a mistake and sent me an old picture from my first order. Therefore I\'m marking them down for bad communication, and because they unnecessarily made me worry for a few weeks about my project.

The PCB\'s are excellent quality though!

Seeed are now saying that they only do standard checks for electronic defects and the files, but checking for layout issues costs an additional fee.

PCB Fusion service

Jan 11, 2017 by Hazzer

I've been using Seeed Fusion to manufacture my PCBs for over a year, the quality has been consistently high, customer service has been very good. I had one problem which they quickly agreed as a defect and I received a full refund. The new website is also very good so all in all I'd be happy to recommend them.

Only positive experiences

Oct 27, 2016 by No problems

I have used Seeed Studio FusionPCB services four times during the last two years. There have never been any problems with pcb quality and they have never rejected my gerbers. Always got my order after couple of weeks.

PCBShopper , USA 3.0 5.0 24 24 I was skeptical of what i'd get for $0.49/PCB, but Seeed Studio surprised me. I placed my order on Monday, August 29th. The order changed to production status the next day and I su