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There are 3 reviews with an average rating of 2.7.  

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by keith on PCBWeb
needs to mature

woof, not bad for a free tool, but has some major issues due to it's HEADY purpose.
1. Part library is woefully lacking in selection.
2. Clunky UI requires very close zoom level to pick function you want, and if it is a route or move, the tiny window doesn't scroll to new location with mouse. hint hint developer!
3. lag is painful - why?
4. no combining of routes (x+y+z) and start plus end point restrictions on the same net = lame!
5. no correlation of catalog parts and "quantity available" often = to '0' is a deal breaker IMHO. Which is the WHOLE appeal of this FREE tool.

other than those issues, it's okay for some proto stuff to get at least the correct footprints in the pcb and generate accurate gerbers, though the BOM is going to be almost completely worthless.

by Mike M on PCBWeb
Lost days of working

After a week of designing and an update, the program is not opening my project anymore with the error "Not a valid project file" although it was saved and closed with no error. I just discovered that it is a known bug and even after 3 updates is still there. I reinstalled the original download and restored the computer to an early date without success. Moreover, I got no help after 2 days of reporting it. I'm done with it.

by Jed Anayron on PCBWeb
PCBWeb Designer review

The tool is easy to use. It lets you generate gerbers, share your project through Publish, and create custom parts. I think the integration of Digi-key parts in the tool is a big thing. Not all tools have this. Add to that the freedom of the users to choose from different boardhouses. However, there are still many areas to improve on. But, considering that the tool is still young, it's a nice start. I would love to see the tool improve in the future. It has a lot of potential.