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There are 7 reviews with an average rating of 3.7.  

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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by VMC ELECTRIC on Pad2Pad
Consistently Superb

We have used P2P since 2010 and have never had an issue with production, delivery or billing. One of our suppliers that I don't need to worry about and that's great for me!It's a "treat" not a "treatment"... Thanks Again

by Ken Bell on Pad2Pad
easy to use and very friendly help

I have used pad2pad for all my commodore projects LOTS of them ......the software is very easy to use and gets better every time it is updated , I am very happy with the advancements they have made over the last few years.....I have made my share of mistakes ...I take full ownership of them as it was me that did it , that being said.... pad2pad did mess up 2 of my orders, once with hole size smaller than ordered, and the 2nd with silkscreen, not putting the o in the word 'commodore' on my boards...but both times pad2pad asked for pictures and immediately with NO hassle NO runarounds, offered to re run the boards for me ....that is what I call GREAT customer service!!!!would I use pad2pad again????...well I am finishing up my next set of boards to order from them YES I wouldyes I could nitpick some small issues with the FREE software ...but it is FREE and EASY.......and pad2pad makes great improvements on every update

by Jeff Kerner on Pad2Pad
High quality PCBs, with excellent software

Sad to see the negative reviews here. I've never had *any* quality issues ever, and I've been using their service since about 2005! I suspect that the claims are just because the users needed someone to blame for improperly checking their layout, prior to submission. I'm *NOT* saying that problems don't/can't happen; I'm saying that I've never experienced any with Pad2Pad!Since 2005, the software has improved tremendously with lots of new features, and I can't think of another layout package that's more user-friendly! Support usually replies to questions within 48 hours, and the finished PCB's quality is outstanding! Considering the software is FREE, I can't imagine using anything else!In my opinion, the only thing lacking is a true schematic capture package.

by Alan on Pad2Pad
Easy to use software, quality manufacturing

The software is free to download. I had no problems designing my board. Though it looks slightly dated. Their manufacturing and assembly service was probably one of the better ones Ive used with quick turnaround times.

Would recommend.

by TV on Pad2Pad
Pad2Pad marginal quality

I have ordered several times from Pad2Pad with some satisfactory results. They are fine for very simple boards, but I would look elsewhere if you really need a board quickly, or if you have a design with anything remotely unusual. Definitely look elsewhere for polyimide flex circuits - even very simple ones. I have had 3 flex PCB builds from them. The first was fine. The second was full of soldermask alignment and shape defects. They re-built that board for me, but the rebuild was also full of defects. They agreed to a partial refund, but in my company when we make a mistake that impacts our customers negatively we don't make the customer pay for it - ever. They've lost my business for good.

Response from Pad2Pad:

Thanks for your feedback. And sorry to lose your business. It is difficult to determine with absolute certainty who wrote this, but the only customer that comes to mind kept 9 of 10 fully functional boards and received a significant discount for any inconvenience incurred.

Unfortunately, providing a full refund was not possible in this case as 90% of the order was accepted and kept by the customer. If the discounted 9 retained board are out of spec, we welcome their return in exchange for a full refund. Thank you for your past business. We wish you the best with you project.

by Jackson Halpert on Pad2Pad
Quality Boards

I haven't had any of the issues that the previous poster mentioned. Although I did once receive an order that I didn't think was made to spec, but when I double checked my design sure enough I omitted a small detail. Seems like the previous poster likely had a similar issue. I like Pad2Pad and find their software to be very easy to use.

Response from Pad2Pad:

Thank you for your review. We look forward to working with you again.

by Richard Spelling on Pad2Pad
Avoid at all costs

I used Pad2Pad for several years for about half of my PCB production. The price they charge is reasonable, but there were periodically issues with the boards. Holes too small, boards made backwards, traces that broke while soldering, etc. Finally they made a couple of hundred boards without drilling the holes in them. Every time I pointed out the problems with the boards it was "those are within tolerances" or "that is what you sent us" or something. It was always my fault for some reason. Finally I decided to not waste my money on them any more. So buyer beware.

Response from Pad2Pad:

We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with our service. We aim to provide easy, convenient, quality fabrication of PCBs. We reviewed our records and found that in each case the boards were made according to the specifications and files that were provided to us. For example, for the boards made with the mirrored silkscreen, they were made as per the Gerber files provided to us. For the order with the missing drill holes, our system did prompt a warning message of the error but it was not corrected before the order was submitted. For the most seamless manufacturing we suggest using the free and integrated Pad2Pad design software where all information is provided in a single file.