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by Rumburack on Fritzing
Great concept...

The approach Fritzing goes is a different one: it tries to simulate your workbench with a breadboard and "real part" simulations. From this you can generate schematics and pcbs.

This concept is quite genial for beginners. Very easy to understand, very easy to work with, very fast results. And astonishing good results can be archived. The schematic editor and PCB designer work very well, autorouting works and creates good results.

The fun ends if your part is missing. I never managed to create my own part. Then there are a lot of small errors, cumbersome things, illogical settings and inconsistent in usage. So the usual problems. Active user base is small, so don't expect too much when having questions.

I really wish that Fritzing had more users, more money funding the developers and a lot more movement. It could be great.