What is PCB Shopper?

PCB Shopper is a site that lets you easily compare prices from multiple printed circuit board manufacturers. It also has a list of free PCB CAD software and a discussion forum.


I asked for boards with a certain color solder mask (or no mask). Why does the table show colors I didn't ask for?

Some specs are more important that others. The size of the board and the number of layers are usually requirements. But many people are flexible about the color of the solder mask. So we show you results from vendors even if they don’t offer the solder mask you asked for. We put a warning icon next to those results to point out that the board does not perfectly match your specifications.


Why did my search for PCB board prices have no results?

There are many companies that offer services that PCB Shopper does not currently include in its comparison. Perhaps you have asked for an especially large board, or a board with many layers, or a very large quantity. Unfortunately, you will have to contact PCB manufacturers directly for pricing.

For PCB Manufacturers

How do I get PCB Shopper to include my company?

We’re always interested in adding more PCB manufacturers to our site. Please contact us. For PCB manufacturing, we need to know how you calculate your prototype board prices. If you want to keep that information confidential, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement, or you can provide us with an API for querying the information from your website.

For CAD Software Vendors

How do I get PCB Shopper to include my software package?

We’re always interested in adding more CAD programs to our site. Please contact us. Currently, we only show free ($0) CAD programs, but we plan to include low-cost CAD programs in the future.