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There are 8 reviews with an average rating of 4.3.  

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Racemaniac on Dangerous Prototypes
Sometimes they are

My last order (similar to the two others i reviewed here) was noticably less in quality: small smd pins with a fine pitch weren't all equal (some pretty wide with hardly spacing to their neighbours, some pretty thin), the silk screen was of lesser quality (pretty bad on the bottom of the pcb , on some places the small text wasn't readable...); and not sure if i should call this good or bad: on one of the 10 pcbs they had manually applied some soldermask to make sure i actually got 10 pcbs of my protopack. it's nice to get 10, but to then see part of the silkscreen covered by a manual soldermask job ^^'.All in all still happy these pcbs are working, but seeing my 2 previous orders, i'm a bit disappointed by this one :(.but it lives up to their promise of course: cheap prototype pcb's that are functional (and seeing as it was again 15 boards separated by mousebites, it's still *very* cheap :).

by racemaniac on Dangerous Prototypes
Ideal for lots of small pcb's

I order a 10x10cm protopack of 10 pcb's, 2 layers. It consisted of 13 distinct small pcb's connected via tabs & mousebites.
All in, it cost 26 dollar (incl shipping to europe). processing time was less (sent the files on sunday, shipment was on friday), shipping (cheapest option) took 3 weeks. The result is 12 of such panels, everything looking great πŸ™‚ (wouldn't call these dirty pcb's at all).
It's too bad that they don't allow panelizing for 4 layer pcb's, but if you're making small 2 layer pcb's, it's a great deal :).

by jorge velez on Dangerous Prototypes
Best for the price

Ive ordered about 5 designs, 200 pcbs total, everything flawless.

There are a very few strange restrictions but overall was a game chager for me.

by racemaniac on Dangerous Prototypes
everything ok πŸ™‚

Order a protopack of 10 small pcbs (50x20mm). the processing was a bit slow (2 weeks between going into production and actual sending), but everything went ok (and for 15$, i don't mind it going a bit slower). in the end i received 11 pcbs (of which 1 had some small damage to the silk screen).
Afterwards i learned that my vias were a bit smaller than they should have been (and probably quite some lines on my silk screen were also thinner than their min line width, kicad defaults to 0.12 mm on most lines, they ask for 0.15mm).
But they probably altered it where needed & just made a perfect working board :).

very pleased :), made a second order now (where i tried to respect all rules i now know of πŸ™‚ ).

by Per Byrgren on Dangerous Prototypes
Gamble - 50/50

I ordered a two different PCB's from Dirty PCB's - the first one came back perfect. The second order from them was a tiny PCB with 12 holes for two components - none of the holes where as specified πŸ™

So I could throw 1000 PCB's into the thrash bin.

I tried to solve this with Dirty PCB's - but no solution a month later => I'm not going to use them again.

by Steve W on Dangerous Prototypes
Loved the finish

Asked for protopack 10 for a simple interface board. I have never ordered a board before so was nervous about where my money would go.

The web site worked fine I followed the instructions and got instant feedback on what my board would look like finished.

Took a while to get to sunny Australia but at the price they charged no complaints. Finish was excellent and cut size was to specification. I'll be back πŸ™‚

Nicely done

Good quality boards made in about 1 week and shipped DHL.
Not bad considering holiday week.

Ordered 2 different PCBs in one order.
Very reasonable pricing for 30 boards.

One thing to be aware if is that they changed solder mask layer covering VIAs.
Not a big deal for this order, but it would nice to tell this ahead, I may do silkscreen differently.

by Adrian_the_Canadian on Dangerous Prototypes
Dirty Boards - more than you expect

The plating is excellent and the boards soldered easily. The boards are clean and tidy and look very professional. Dirty Boards uploading was easy to use, the service is cheap (only $14 for 5cm x 5cm boards), they delivered more boards than they promised (12 rather than 10). To cap it all, the boards are nice looking! When I need a PCB manufacturer, I won’t hesitate to use them again!