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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by Jim Riddle on Breadboard Killer
Pricing Doubled after ordering

I placed my first order with BreadboardKiller for 100 boards at a price of $92.27. Seemed like a fantastic price, and I have plenty of time on this project so I was willing to try them out. I placed the order and my credit card was charged using Swipe. Then I got an email several hours later that their website was in error and the order couldn't be placed unless I paid an additional $95.73.
I really did like their web interface, and their website. It's a shame they don't have their act together yet.

Great support with BreadboardKiller

BreadboardKiller (BK) may not be the cheapest, but you do get fantastic support and very quick responses to questions. They also check your work for faults or to question anomalies. They do purchase a far larger quantity of PCB's than the individual would, so the factory is a little smarter to this fact. I tested 5 PCB's, and the quality is great - holes in the right places and negligible cosmetic or mechanical flaws. Just about to place a larger order with them. If you want less stress, risk and good support, then BK is a good option.