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There are 4 reviews with an average rating of 3.8.  

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Kristy Seymour on PCBShopper
Persistent file issues

Every order I've placed gets put on hold for something. This time it was supposedly missing drill files, except the drill files were there. Mistake on their part or just a way to collect expedite fees without actually expediting. Won't use again.

by Adam on PCBShopper
EXPENSIVE but the fastest out there

Make no mistake, Sunstone boards are expensive. Not just compared to boards out of China, but even compared to OSHPark.

On the other hand, if you absolutely have to have your boards in 48 hours, this is pretty much your only reliable option. The good news is that they are very, very reliable.

Their no-soldermask two-sided boards ship in less than 24 hours, and are a godsend for chip designers. Nothing is worse than waiting four months for your chip to come back from the foundry, only to find out you swapped two traces on the PCB (since it's a custom chip the pinout isn't in any of the standard libraries, so your PCB layout tool won't catch this).

Warning: for Sunstone's quick-turnaround service all holes are always plated; you can't get unplated holes.

Quality seems to be decent, although I haven't ordered high-end boards (ENIG or 4+ layer) from Sunstone. I use them mainly for prototyping.

by Carlos Acosta on PCBShopper
Very Reliable

I have been using Sunstone since about 2009. Lots of quick-turn prototypes delivered perfect and on time. I cannot recall a single error on their end. I tried the PCB123 tool but ended up buying a commercial software package. When I cannot take a chance, I use Sunstone. 6 years of no problems is a pretty good record.

by Bob D'Aoust on PCBShopper

In the last 6 months I've used Sunstone for two PCBs. One was 6 layer, RoHS compliant, the other 2, and non compliant. I used their PCB123 tools. The quality of the resulting PCBs was excellent - no surprises and delivery was on time. The only issue I had was with their PCB123 tool's pre-loaded parts database. You really have to double check every parts footprint to make sure it is correct - I found a number of parts that needed corrections. Other than that I was very pleased and will be using them again.