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great for 2 oz or small boards

Nov 02, 2016 by Frank

I've ordered many different designs from OSH Park. If you're not in hurry and if you live in Europe, shipping costs are unbeatable for small boards and small quantities (shipping is free!).
If you need 2 oz copper or ENIG finish, also the fabrication costs are almost unbeatable. All their PCB were exactly as ordered, and they show you the "as fabricated" image before you place the order.

OSH: great service and support

Sep 16, 2016 by Dave Jackson

I've done about a dozen different boards with OSH Park, and I recently needed to do a board with plated slots and a panelized approach with complicated shapes nested together. After reading their guidelines for making slots (which is well written), I submitted a ticket with OSH to make sure that my design would get fabricated correctly. Jenner got back to me quickly, and gave me some suggestions for improving my layout to make it more likely to be fabricated properly. He and the other OSH support staff helped me numerous times and even bumped up my order to a quick-turn to ensure that I would get the boards on time. I've recommended OSH to others, and everyone I know who's used them has had a great experience.

OSH is great

Mar 16, 2016 by Tim

I won\'t reiterate all the good things already said (which are true), but I will add that of all the cheap fabs out there they are the only ones who give you a lead-free finish (ENIG no less!) and high Tg (170C) FR4 boards suitable for lead-free reflow temperatures. If you are not mass producing or reselling then that may not matter. But if you are, watch the other guys price jump when you check those options!

For smaller boards they are hard to beat even if you don\'t need the lead-free stuff.

Also they don\'t penalize you for excessive drills above 50/in2.

Ordered 3 different times from them, pleased each time.

Slow with mixed results

Aug 21, 2015 by Ken

I've used OSH Park several times. Mixed results. They are good for smaller, low power stuff if you're ok with long turnaround times.

Their production and USPS shipping combo is super slow, around 6 weeks to Canada. Even won a free "express service" and it took 5 weeks to get the boards in.
Copper electroplating is very thin, no good for higher currents, vias have high impedance. Hole sizes wrong on a couple orders, rounded down=too small and I was offered free re-do. Isopropyl alcohol cleaning the PCB attacks the solder mask. Dark purple mask is hard to see traces. Larger boards quickly get very expensive.

Very low cost, PCB quality is good (aside from above issues), painless submittal process, customer service responsive.

Great & cheap for small boards

Jul 18, 2015 by Alex

Pics of end result: http://imgur.com/a/72Ze6.

Ordered standard 2-layer design. Silkscreen is amazing. Submission is completely automated. They don\'t offer many options, they have only one color for silkscreen / PCB. They only offer one thickness (1.6mm) and have only one finish (ENIG). Minimums are 6mil track + 6mil spacing.
- Order placed Saturday morning
- 24h after order the board was assigned to a panel
- 51h after order the board was sent to fab for production
- 10 days after order the board was received by OSH Park from & shipped to me
- 12 days after order I received the boards

They ship from south of Portland via USPS First Class Package with tracking.

excellent boards, amazing silkscreen

Jun 15, 2015 by Adam

I sent the exact same four-layer GERBER package to five different board houses: iTead, smart-prototyping, shenzen2u, seeed studio, and OSH Park.

The iTead and OSH Park boards both came out fantastic; these two fabs are clearly the leaders in quality. Both have outstanding above-expectations copper etch. iTead's is ever-so-slightly-better which lets you bend/break some of their design rules, but if you stick to the rules strictly then you can consider OSH Park and iTead basically equivalent. OSH Park advertises 5mil/5mil for the outer layers; iTead advertises 6/6 but they'll let you get away with 5/5 if you don't do it in too many places. iTead's ENIG gold layer is a bit thicker.

The main differences between iTead and OSH Park are the silkscreen, soldermask, and board routing.

OSH Park's silkscreen is totally amazing quality -- it's a production-quality silkscreen like you see on the Arduino boards. Really really beautiful. Not sure that matters for prototype boards, but it's cool. For comparison iTead's silkscreen is digiprint -- not pretty, but it's functional which is what matters for protoboards.

OSH Park also seems to have slightly better soldermask registration, although it's hard to be sure since I only got three boards (iTead sent me 10). The best-registered iTead soldermask is about the same as the OSH Park boards, but some of the iTead boards had registration significantly worse than OSH Park. Again, hard to be sure since I only have three data points for OSH Park.

Finally, OSH Park leaves the break-away "wings" on your boards. Of course it's no trouble to break them off yourself, but then you've got those ugly rough edges that you have to manually mill down... kind of a drag. Yeah, I know I'm being picky here. iTead mills down the edges before they ship your boards.

Turn-around time is basically the same to the US, which is a bit baffling. Both boards got to me 11 days after the GERBER was approved. I think OSH Park is really missing a huge opportunity to grab a big chunk of business from the Chinese fabs here... the main disadvantage of ordering from China is the 4-5 day shipping delay. If OSH Park would run a panel as often as the Chinese houses do they'd have a 2x turnaround-time advantage and would totally crush all of them. I don't understand why they don't do this.

Excellent service for small boards

Feb 23, 2015 by Didier Aeschimann

I have had multiple very small prototypes made at OSHPark.
The finish is good and every run has been of equal quality.
They have always responded to my support inquiries within 24h.
Also when looking into pricing keep in mind that at their price all boards are ENIG finish, which almost doubles prices on small runs at every other providers.

I will most definately continue to use them for prototyping on small boards.

Excellent Low Cost Proto

Dec 23, 2014 by Michael

I have send two prototype designs to OSH Park. Both are 1 square inch power regulator boards, one based on the LM317 and the other on the LM2596. The first set (LM2596) have come back and is excellent. I got six boards in that lot for around $10. The LM317 boards should be back this week or next (holiday season might interfere). I placed the components quickly and had no problems with pads, masks, silkscreen, or anything. I also stressed one board by repeatedly soldering and removing a high heat absorbing part (extra thick through hole leads) and had no issues. The boards work great and there is no variation in the operating characteristics (more about the components than the board, but hey, that means no problems from the board either). The submission process was easy and painless as was payment. I have no complaints and plan to use OSHPark for all my small boards. I have 4 more ready to submit once I have breadboard tested each. They are a 555 based PWM, a 555 servo test board, and a redesign of the LM2596 and LM317 (using more ground planes!). I shall update this review with each new board.

Great service and great price for small boards

Nov 04, 2014 by Graeme Hart

A great service for small boards. I've only had one problem with a very small board.

Shipping is reasonably quick at two weeks to New Zealand. I don't know how they manage free shipping with a PCB order that only costs a few dollars.

Great service and always helpful.

There are much cheaper options for larger boards.

Decent boards, poor customer service.

Aug 12, 2014 by Mike

The Good: In terms of their fabrication, not too shabby. I've gotten better quality boards from other fab shops, but their price per board is much better for hobbyists than a professional fab shop, so there's that.

The Bad: I paid extra to have the boards shipped 'Express' and was quoted 3-7 business days. It took 14 days for them to arrive. (10 if we ignore the weekends) This time frame was more in-line with their second cheapest shipping option, which was half the price. Because of their delay, I had to pay extra to have the boards shipped to me overnight (which, as it turns out, cost the same as their so-called 'Express' service). I've e-mailed them twice about it, but they've refused to respond. Because of the lack of response, I'm reluctant to try them again.

My favorite for hobbyist boards

Jul 22, 2014 by B. Perry

OSH Park is a service run by hobbyists for hobbyists. They've always been very community-friendly. Their submission process is now completely automated--a computer-generated image of your board is displayed before you order.
I have ordered from them several times and every PCB I've received has been flawlessly produced. Low prices and free shipping make OSH Park ideal for small board runs. e.g., for prototyping designs.

Great service for small boards

Apr 07, 2014 by Steve T

I've used OSH Park several times and it's always great. They are especially good for small "breakout" boards. They are always good quality boards and arrive in a reasonable time considering the low price, usually about a week.

Great boards every time

Apr 07, 2014 by Erik Walthinsen

I've been using this since some of the very first panels were run (I have boards that predate the purple...) and have never had any issues with the quality. I wish it was a couple days faster but more users gives more chance to eke some turn time out of the process. That goes for 4-layer boards as well, I'd love for this to get enough usage that the latency is dramatically reduced.

OSHPark great for small prototypes

Apr 06, 2014 by John

OSHPark provides a nice looking board with a fairly fast turn around time for a batch service. I have seen my boards assigned to panels the same day and usually within 2 weeks have the boards in hand. This is a great place for small prototypes and quantities. Ordering in quantities of 3 is great for prototypes and one-of projects. The only down side is places like DFRobot and ITead Studio offer better prices in quantity unless the board is very very small.

4.6 5.0 14 14 I've ordered many different designs from OSH Park. If you're not in hurry and if you live in Europe, shipping costs are unbeatable for small boards and small quantities (shipping i OSH Park