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There are 14 reviews with an average rating of 4.6.  

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My favorite for hobbyist boards

Jul 22, 2014 by B. Perry

OSH Park is a service run by hobbyists for hobbyists. They've always been very community-friendly. Their submission process is now completely automated--a computer-generated image of your board is displayed before you order.
I have ordered from them several times and every PCB I've received has been flawlessly produced. Low prices and free shipping make OSH Park ideal for small board runs. e.g., for prototyping designs.

Great service for small boards

Apr 07, 2014 by Steve T

I've used OSH Park several times and it's always great. They are especially good for small "breakout" boards. They are always good quality boards and arrive in a reasonable time considering the low price, usually about a week.

Great boards every time

Apr 07, 2014 by Erik Walthinsen

I've been using this since some of the very first panels were run (I have boards that predate the purple...) and have never had any issues with the quality. I wish it was a couple days faster but more users gives more chance to eke some turn time out of the process. That goes for 4-layer boards as well, I'd love for this to get enough usage that the latency is dramatically reduced.

OSHPark great for small prototypes

Apr 06, 2014 by John

OSHPark provides a nice looking board with a fairly fast turn around time for a batch service. I have seen my boards assigned to panels the same day and usually within 2 weeks have the boards in hand. This is a great place for small prototypes and quantities. Ordering in quantities of 3 is great for prototypes and one-of projects. The only down side is places like DFRobot and ITead Studio offer better prices in quantity unless the board is very very small.

PCBShopper , USA 4.6 5.0 14 14 I've ordered many different designs from OSH Park. If you're not in hurry and if you live in Europe, shipping costs are unbeatable for small boards and small quantities (shipping i