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There are 62 reviews with an average rating of 4.6.  

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Average rating:  
 62 reviews
by Shaun on Elecrow

I decided to try Elecrow for hobbyist level through-hole/smd two sided board. I am very impressed with the customer service and board quality. An engineer contacted me within a day of submission to sort out a minor design problem; thereafter I received email updates of the job progress.
Turnaround time was 10 calendar days from submission to holding the finished boards in my hand. For service to Canada this is great. Good quality, good price, good turnaround.

by jim on Elecrow
SLOW and careless

Don't bother paying extra for expedite. Elecrow will blow the schedule, and not even let you know. They don't answer the phone or return email.Ordered 11-20-2017paid for 48 hour expeditenot shipped as of 11-27-2017called multiple times during workday in Shenzen.

by Frode on Elecrow
Great PCBs - fast shipping

I have ordered from Elecrow twice. Only small and simple through-hole boards, but quality was good. They even put in a few extra boards. Very competitive prices and fast shipping. Boards were produced and delivered in a week. Great, I will use them again.

by Rob on Elecrow
Quite acceptable

I ordered five small boards with the cheapest shipping. I received seven within two weeks, which is a lot quicker than estimated. The board quality appears good, although I wasn't pushing any boundaries with them. The silk screen could be clearer but it's OK. The board outline had lumps at the corners, which didn't matter for this one but could for some people.But hey, at the price, who's complaining?

by Steve on Elecrow

We did some research into a new PCB vendor and decided on Elecrow. We used them for several different projects and have had issues and since disqualified them as a vendor.

Components were not oriented properly in on case.

The latest issue was that we specified using original components from the BOM and they chose an after market component that did not function properly.

For prototype small hobby jobs these guys might be sufficient enough but for real world projects I would not trust them.

by Paul Bearne on Elecrow
Very Happy Customer

Pleasure to do business with , painless process from start to finish boards dispatched 5 days after submitting the Gerbers arrived 7 days later in the post. Unlike the ones i ordered from seeed which still haven't arrived a month after ordering. The boards were good quality and even sent an extra one will be recommending them to all my contacts and will be using them for all my pcb's from now on well done Elecrow top Job

by Andrew on Elecrow
Happy customer

I've just received my boards from Elecrow. I can't fault the quality, particularly as I got a 10 for 5 special for $5US for double sided boards.
Accurate drilling, masking and fine detail on the silk-screen. Clean and consistent copper details (nb the board had no very fine features - narrowest track was 20mil with 20mil drilled vias). Milled edges.
The team are responsive to emails - they let me add another order to the same DHL delivery, a couple of days after putting in the first order. The boards arrived (in Australia) 8 days from ordering, and I got the boards before the shipping note! No complaints!

by Sidney Kantor on Elecrow
Nice product, smooth process

So I designed my first motor controller using KiCAD and decided on having Elecrow manufacturer my PCBs. I was reluctant given the low price but after seeing such positive reviews I went for it. I ordered 2 oz copper so the cost was a little higher but still extremely inexpensive. I ordered 5 PCBs but 9 were delivered! Thanks Elecrow. Took between 2 and 3 weeks to receive the boards after ordering and I went with the slowest shipping. Boards look great! No complaints at all. Soldered one up and it worked perfectly the first time. As my board is revised I will definitely be ordering more boards from Elecrow.

by Jeff Stuart on Elecrow
Good PCB's, Great Service

I just reflowed my first PCB from Elecrow, and I have to say everything they did is excellent. No problems with the solder mask or HASL finish --
all pads flowed well, no bridges.

I ordered 5 boards, received 7. All holes, traces, solder mask and printing register fine. Edges (the boards are not rectangular) are all routed smooth and the outlines are true. There are no visible defects, no scratches, smeared printing. All good.

Better than that, I am working with Kicad for the first time and botched a footprint on my first gerbers. Elecrow allowed me to upload a fix and applied my shipping to the second order. The problem was 100% my fault, and they didn't have to accommodate my idiocy, but they did. Thanks.

All at a great price, too.

by Erich on Elecrow
Great product and great price

Couldnt wish for more. About 1€ per board is a really good price, and quality is very good. Will order again for sure.

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