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Worst ever PCB

Aug 29, 2016 by Hacker

Sent the order via their online system.

Did not get any response about visual inspections and stuffs.

Got badly printed PCBs. Advice: work with other PCB houses. Not worth the time for you to work with Seeedstudio.

Response: Hi Hacker, apologize for any inconvenience we may have brought to you. Please at least provide your order number to us so we can confirm the problem. Seeed provides 100% quality guarantee to all of our customers and we promise to re-do for free or refund if there is any quality issue. Thank you. You can contact us at

Alright for my needs

Jul 20, 2016 by Tim Dufrane

I placed an order for 10 fairly small boards (no parts) on June 14th. I picked them up from USPS on the 18th. The boards seems to be pretty good in terms of build quality. Silkscreen is lined up properly. One star taken off because of one board having a somewhat diminished solder mask in one section, but overall I couldn't be happier for the price.

Buyer Beware- ripoff

Jun 16, 2016 by Shawn Melasnon

Hi All,

Buyer beware!

I just got done trying out seeeds fusion prototyping service and I though I would share the experience with any one that\'s considering using it.

I sent them my PCB layout and BOM as requested and for the fusion service and paid to have them source the additional parts that weren\'t available in the seeed library and even the extra $30 for the speedy delivery. After a few days I was contacted by one of ther reps named linda bao. She claimed that a part that I spec\'d and paid for was not available in china. When I contacted the manufacturer they assured me that it was in fact available in china. After several emails with linda I actually had to have the manufacturer contact her directly. Even then the manufacturer had to send samples to them directly form their the factory in china. Not so bad but still more time then I would have wanted to spend on it.

Next Linda contacted me to tell me that one of my parts didn\'t match the footprint. (Nice catch seeed!) They agreed to hold off assembly until I could make the changes to the PCB layout and also agreed to do the respin. On a side not when I asked how much it would cost they quoted me at $20.00 when I asked why it would cost $20 when it only cost $10 for the original boards I was told the 10 pcbs for 10 dollars was a special promotion. In the end they agreed to do the respin for $10. I sent the updated layout files along with a new BOM directly to linda boa.

A few weeks later received my boards in the mail. (it cost me an additional $30 in border fees) PCB\'s themselves looked okay. They are not high quality but they were made to spec.

The assembly on the other hand was terrible. Most of the solder joints had the bare minimum of solder and just the smallest trace of a solder filet. None of the CAPs were installed, a regulator was missing, and also a resistor.

I went to the seedstudio website and reviewed the documents that I submitted and everything was correct. I contacted linda about the missing components issue to and was told they would review the issue and contact me in a few days. This is the response I received

\"We have checked there are no caps in original BOM that you have uploaded online. Please see attachment.\"

When I went back to the seeed website sure enough all of the caps had been removed from the original BOM that I submitted.

This how they operate. So I would like to caution you before you decide to do business with these people. You\'ve worked hard on your designs. Seeed has proven to me to be unethical. I will not trust them with any future prototypes.

Happy hacking my fellow electronics nerds!

Response: Response from Seeed:

Hi Shawn,
This is Shuyang from Seeed. Sorry for the bad experience with Seeed service.
After we heard your feedback, we started the investigation for your order and would like to give you the feedback about what we are going to improve next.

1.Improve our component sourcing system
For the parts that are forbidden imported to China, we have contacted HQCHIP and want to find a way to identify such parts ahead.
Also, we start sourcing new supplier to see if anyone can help us source parts in small quantity locally.
You may want to know why we purchase some parts from Digikey and Mouser instead of sourcing them inner China. Because of the size of the order, like your order in 2 pieces, it is so hard to find someone would like to sell part in this quantity. And to ensure incoming quality, Seeed has a whole set of standards to evaluate a supplier which takes quite some time to do so. It is not efficient if we apply evaluation to new suppliers just for a few pieces purchasing every time.

2.Rules: no more offline order
Basically, all the Fusion service order are placed online and our ERP system will automatically process the order. For your order, when we found out the footprint problem, normally in this case, we would inform you the problem and then ship you the boards and the non-soldered components. But Linda said she hopes to help you finish your order. I have checked with Linda about the different quotation. Quite frankly, offline order is more expensive. Because more man hours & management will be needed and we are using bulk production supplier for offline order instead of fast-prototyping supplier. When you asked about the $9.9, Linda then understood that you hope to use fast-prototyping supplier, then she placed a special fusion offline order for you and since you changed the BOM (adding the resistor) afterwards, we have been using a totally different procedure for your order.
Fusion team is still not really good at handling special request. We get back to 2 questions: What is our mission as Seeed Fusion Team? Where we should focus on? I think Fusion service is a tool that enables normal people access to mature manufacturing capability with affordable cost. This field used to be dominated by a little number of players. We will focus on building this standard tool itself in the future.

3.Before meeting 98% quality satisfaction, we will apply 100% visual inspection for each board.
According to data from customer service, quality satisfaction in Fusion service is 93.9% in May 2016. We used to apply sampling check for these hundreds of orders, now, before we hit the goal, we will 100% check each board.

4.For the missing cap, I think there is misunderstanding here. As Raymond said, none of us can modify it. I took the BOM you sent to Linda and tried it on our website.
Here is the result, these 5 parts (part numbers removed - ed) are not able to be matched and impossible placed in the order, which includes the 3.3v regulator (part number removed - ed) you are talking about.

5.However, to be frankly, there are still a lot of fields that we are not able to put our finger on, such as border fee. Border fee is charged by local custom. Each local custom will have a standard list showing custom fee for all kinds of trading goods. They use it to define how much they will charge you. Normally, the carrier company will pay for you first and then charge you when delivery.

Shawn, sorry again for this bad experience with Seeed. Seeed dedicates a lot to lower the barrier for small scale manufacturing for normal players like makers. When we are talking about small scale, I mean 2 pieces - 50 pieces, I believe people who ever involves in hardware manufacturing business would understand how difficult it is to produce stuff in small quantity. It is losing money anyway traditionally, no matter in what size the order is, the whole process keep the same, engineers apply DFM on the order, buyers source each specific part in the BOM, PMC arrange the production plan, QC inspection, logistic, custom declaration, so it is always better to have big order in order to survive in this business.
However, last year, Seeed decided to receive small production order. We come up some ideas to try to lower the cost and make it happen.
First, we hope to provide instant quote. Secondly, It is not affordable for us to hire enough buyers to deal with hundreds of tiny orders. Thus, we work with HQCHIP to provide the instant quote from Digikey & Mouser through their API and HQCHIP also helps us to source the parts.
It is a good beginning however with imperfect flaws. Some of the parts are always fail to be found even if they truly exist in Digikey; while some are forbidden imported to China inner land. Such parts can not be detected through API while you are placing order.

We still have a long way to go to meet the customer satisfaction and to be honest, we barely have margin with these prototyping orders. But this is something we think it is super important to do. Fusion PCBA is just a baby service now, still trying to find the balance among quality, cost and lead-time. However, we are proud that we have made the first step and will of course try to be better and better.

Feel free to send your frustration to anytime when you have problems.
Sorry again and enjoy making!


Response from Shawn:
Buyer Beware Continued!


I have no problem with the fact that there were issues with the order considering the order veered anyway from the normal assembly procedure.

My problem is with the fact that you attempted to cover up your mistakes to avoid compensating me for your mistakes. The Original BOM that I submitted did include the all of the components and that BOM was altered to cover up your mistakes. In addition to that I submitted an additional updated BOM of which I have an email record to your employee Linda bao which at the time of the respin which was disregarded.

\"1.Improve our component sourcing system\"

Glad to hear your making Improvement!

\"2.Rules: no more offline order\"

This is a prototyping service. The more rigid you make it the less effective and useful it will be. I suggest you find ways to make you system more dynamic and increase your ability to respond to shifts in demand.

\"Quality satisfaction in Fusion service is 93.9% in May 2016\"

I’m 98% sure that 12% of all monkeys would believe this after experiencing SEEED’s ethics.

\"Here is the result, these 5 parts (part numbers removed - ed) are not able to be matched and impossible placed in the order, which includes the 3.3v regulator (part number removed - ed) you are talking about. \"

First why are you publicly listing components of my private design?

Second the MSP430 got installed. How did that happen if it wasn’t on the BOM?

Third, as I explained in my email to linda, when I modified the PCB layout that I submitted I changed the reference designators. This is why if you tried to sync up the old layout with the new BOM it wouldn’t work.

Have a nice day!

OK for casual boards

May 10, 2016 by Leif Andersson

I've placed a few orders with Seeed and have been mostly pleased with the results. For most boards the only point of concern is drill accuracy. As a hedge I now make my vias a good bit larger than the minimum spec.

Stick with the green solder mask. I just received a batch of white boards that had so many defects it made my head spin (imagine spray coating a board with crusty typewriter correction fluid). Presumably the poor process control is a consequence of low volume at the factory, so it may come down to luck. If colored solder mask is a requirement, opt for more coarsely pitched components. Try to use 8 mil silkscreens instead of 6. Finally, put extra breathing room between silkscreen and pads to ease registration issues. Most of these problems are cosmetic but when it comes to appearance there's something to be said for buying Snap-On over Harbor Freight, so to speak.

Horrible service

May 08, 2016 by AG

Seeedstudio PCBA service is really horrible. Do not fall for their cheaper prices or discounts, they have had my PCBA order for over 2 months now and when I try to reach them via email or phone I get no responses. I have tried reaching out to multiple people in the company but they all seem to be too busy for their own customers. The worst experience ever, do not order from here if you want to receive your PCBs.

Poor service

May 07, 2016 by Thibaut

I have placed two PCB orders with Seeed. The first one arrived about a month after ordering, with significant delay between end of fab and shipping. The quality was OK, with silkscreen being not so great. They do slot milling, which is good.

The second order never arrived. It was marked as being shipped on 23/03 (10 days after placing the order). The tracking website (SG post) showed the tracking# as "information received (this is not an acknowledgement of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)".

It remained in this state until April 13 when it became "item status not found in the system". I sent Seeed emails on April 4, 5, 13 about this, they kept going back and forth telling me it was a "web error" and that the status wasn't updated often. After a month and a half of waiting, I finally decided to open a Paypal case for that order.

I'm switching over to Elecrow, they are much more professional and from what I can tell from my first order with them, the quality is also better.

Apr 24, 2016 by GJ

Very poor service. Do not get drawn in by their tentative delivery date promises while placing the order - it means squat. I was in a hurry with my order and placed the order on them because they promised delivery within a week. It is now 2 weeks later and still no signs of them dispatching my material!! Avoid!!

Poor quality and more

Apr 14, 2016 by Stefan

Lets take this from a timeline point of view:

1st - PCBs took longer to get processed and dispatched than the time claimed... Not a major problem but still, not what they claim. Also the status descriptions they give don't match the ones they actually send you. The statuses are Shipped, Traceable, Waiting, Exception, Backorder, Combined but all I got was 'Processing' and then 'Traceable'.

2nd - Got stung with a surprise +21£ charge by DHL, 11 of it was duty the rest was described as 'Advanced Payment'. This is perhaps a DHL matter but still worth mentioning. Also was not expecting 11£ duty as i ordered item previously from china for 20$ less as duty was 4£. Again this may fall out of seeds hands but if im ordering overseas to save $$ and then i burn those savings in extra charges.. well then whats the point of buying overseas???

3rd AND MOST IMPORTANT - Quality!! I chose to pay extra 10$ for white mask which is from what i can deduce is simply just a spray paint overlay.. does a white spray pain can cost more than a green one? News to me... Silk screen quality is very poor, the colour leaks and bleeds consistently all over.

Summary - not cheap, poor build quality, lack of informative updates with regards to order status

Poor Customer Service

Mar 13, 2016 by Brian F

I have used Seeed Studio Fusion PCB twice now. This last order I was told it shipped on 3/8 when in fact it still has not shipped and it is now almost a week later. I have tried contacting them on three different occasions with the exact same message and got three totally different explanations. Unbelievable. I understand things happen and I am not really in a huge hurry. But if you tell your customer that the item shipped, then it should have shipped. Further, if there is a problem, you should be able to provide consistent answers. Finally, it should not take 4 days to answer an email inquiry. I would not recommend using this service. I will not use them again.

Some problems, but ultimately resolved

Mar 02, 2016 by J

I had communication problems with them, but they eventually made things right.

PCBShopper , USA 3.0 5.0 24 24 I was skeptical of what i'd get for $0.49/PCB, but Seeed Studio surprised me. I placed my order on Monday, August 29th. The order changed to production status the next day and I su