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There are 12 reviews with an average rating of 3.9.  

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Jens on ITEAD Studio
Never Received the Goods

I never received the goods I ordered. Support is responsive but always asks me to wait. This is now taking two month. In addition they wanted me to ask my local shipping company but they said that they do not even know the tracking number.

by Johan on ITEAD Studio
Never received boards.

I ordered boards from Itead, but never received anything. Waiting for 3 months now. I have to select 1 star but 0 star will be better rating.

by MP on ITEAD Studio
Very slow, but good quality boards

Order placed 3/14 for 10 5x5cm max. Contacted them on 3/23 since they had not shipped. Replied 3/27 and said they must be lost in the mail, but were not showing shipped. Then they suddenly shipped the same day. They were shipped SF Express which took until 4/7 for me to get them.

Boards are good quality, but took 3.5 weeks to get them. This is much longer than the 12 days promised. Not sure if I will use them again.

by ZW on ITEAD Studio
Very durable

Probably the best boards I've used. They seem to be extremely durable and also extremely accurate. Silkscreen is very high quality. Had them in hand (shipped to USA) 15 days after I placed the order (standard cheapest shipping option). Would absolutely recommend.

by C MHoover on ITEAD Studio
Boards and Assembly

I had 20 5" x 6" boards fabricated and assembled. ITEAD procured the components according to my BOM. They were not the cheapest but they gave me a feeling of competence. They questioned a couple of components, but eventually came up with the exact manufacturer and part number from the BOM. Unfortunately it took over a month for them to get all the parts. I had regular email contact with a very nice lady whose English was very good. When the boards arrived they were perfect in every way. The only issue, which I discussed with their lady, Sophia, is that they seldom update their status page. Even when Sophia told me that they were waiting on parts, it said "Waiting for reply" from me! I will use the again!

by Calandri on ITEAD Studio

I've ordered from itead studio probably 5 times when I was in AU, always good and almost in perfect time.

by Alan on ITEAD Studio
I've ordered a lot of boards and they are always consistently great

I've ordered from itead studio probably 15 times over the last few years and their boards are always consistent and work great. They sometimes throw in an extra board too which is nice.

by Adam on ITEAD Studio
WAY better than they claim, intelligent engineers

[updated 15-Jun, see last paragraph]

I just sent a run of "torture boards" to all the cheap board houses. iTead was the only one who didn't give me incredible amounts of grief; just a simple "are you sure you want to make this board that flagrantly violates all our rules" -> "yes" -> "ok boards are on their way", hooray.

The torture boards reveal a lot of interesting things. First off, their copper plating/etching is WAY WAY WAY better than they advertise. I probably shouldn't post exactly how much because they don't want people relying on it and technically they don't have to keep using such a high quality process for prototype boards, but I've confirmed that the actual lithographic resolution is substantially better than TWICE what they're advertising. Wow!

In fact, these boards are way above spec in every way except the soldermask registration (which is merely average) and silkscreen (which is digital-print, totally okay). On the stuff that matters -- the copper+drills -- they're giving you a much better board than they claim. I can mount 300um WLCSP (yes, that's 0.3mm ball-center-to-ball-center) on these boards no problem and I'd known how good they would be I would've tried for 200um!

The other board I sent them is an actual design, not a torture-board. It's still in fab but already I've had a very positive experience; every other house I sent it to complained and raised all sorts of erroneous objections, and many of the PCB houses tried to jack up the price once they saw that my board had expensive components (even though it was 100% compliant with their design rules). iTead only raised one objection, which was actually a genuine mistake on my board (albeit a tiny one); and then accepted it on the second submission. I'll update this review when it comes back, but so far iTead is by far my favorite budget-prototype board house and I'll be using them for everything that doesn't need next-day turnaround.

I sent out another board; this time with the exact same four-layer GERBER package to five different board houses: iTead, smart-prototyping, shenzen2u, seeed studio, and OSH Park. Once again the iTead boards were totally outstanding quality, arrived in 11 days, electrically perfect. Very happy as usual.

by ACG on ITEAD Studio

Ordered prototype boards for some testing. No shorts and silk was all aligned without issue.

by PedroDaGr8 on ITEAD Studio
Great Service

Went with the DHL shipping, it was BLAZINGLY fast. From Shenzen to San Diego delivered in under two days. It shipped Sunday night (Monday morning in Shenzen) and was received Tue morning. The boards felt very solid and sustained some very aggressive heating without traces lifting or being affected. Silk screen was clear and legible and the red solder mask was bright and colorful. The holes were mostly centered properly with only a few having a marginal offset (well within reasonable). I can't say anything bad about the boards (my design skills on the other hand). Will likely be purchasing from them again soon.

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