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There are 53 reviews with an average rating of 4.7.  

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Great Service

May 25, 2016 by Van

Have ordered 10 PCB'S twice. Both received in a timely manner with no problems. In each case received 12 rather than ordered 10. Nice bonus!
Am placing another order now. Great communication regarding progress orders..

Great service

May 10, 2016 by Ken Peek

Very fast service. I ordered 20 (4-layer) boards and received 22. The solder mask registration was a bit shifted to the point where some of the pads were slightly covered on one edge, but not a big deal in my low-spec design. This might be an issue though with a tight-spec board with a BGA.

I will definitely use this service again!

Excellent service

May 07, 2016 by Thibaut

I placed my first order with Elecrow on March 29, for 10 1-layer 5x5cm yellow + 5 2-layer 10x25cm black PCBs. The order was completed and shipped on April 7, and I received it on April 21 (I'm in France). I received respectively 13 and 7 boards (instead of the expected 10 and 5), also very nice.

I received an email on April 7, with a picture of the boards that were being shipped to me (which I find to be nice), and the boards themselves are of excellent quality overall. The silkscreen is crisp, with no defect. The mask placement is very good (some of the 5x5 boards have a very slight misalignment, which I guesstimate to be under 2 mils, perfectly acceptable at that price point).

In-board routing (milled holes) and non-rectangular outline (rounded) was no problem, again another plus.

I am very happy with the result, and considering that Elecrow offers a very broad choice of finishes at no extra charge, I will make them my main supplier now (moving away from Seeed).

Apr 26, 2016 by Alan Wooler

Have used a few companies, but Elecrow are now my main supplier. I love the way they email a photo of the PCBs as they ship it. Great quality boards and the fact I can have any colour PCB and solder free at no extra charge is a major winner. I am from the UK and love this company.

Fantastic service!

Apr 26, 2016 by Brian Schmalz

I ordered 200 boards from them late on Sunday. The following Monday (8 days later) they show up in Minnesota, and they look perfect. I love that they e-mailed a pictures of the boards before they shipped. The boards were _very_ simple, but Elecrow did an awesome job and I couldn't be happier. They were also one of the least expensive places I found.

Good quality and fast delivery

Apr 22, 2016 by Kasun Hewage

I have ordered 10 of 2 layer 5 x 5 cm boards (blue color). They shipped the boards after 6 days from ordering. They also sent a picture of the boards before shipping. The boards arrived in Sweden exactly after 2 weeks from ordering (8 days to arrive in Sweden from Shenzhen). I received 12 boards though I have ordered 10.

I noticed that some of the boards have minor scratches. Overall, I am satisfied with their service.

First experience

Apr 17, 2016 by Marc Jacobi

I am a hobbyist and just have received my first PCB (10cm x 10cm) from Elecrow. I ordered 10 and got 12, I did not opt for silkscreen on the backside but got it anyway (only a few components there and included the gerber). The PCBs look awesome in red and the plating and solder mask look solid. I am definitely coming back for more.

The only minor thing is that they communicate through the status of the order and there are no email notification on an order status change. So check in once in a while to see if everything is still going smooth.

All Around Excellent

Apr 16, 2016 by Neil

I got the 2 layer, 5 board prototyping deal on a 140cm x 200cm board. Ignoring the prices these boards were made very well. Taking into account the low price and these are exceptional. No issues with any of the boards and I got a 6th one for free just in case.

-Lead free (for no extra charge)
-Excellent silk screen quality
-No errors or issues on the board
-Ability for higher quantities and assembling (if you want to do that I didn\'t)
-Send a picture of your board before shipping it.

-From reading reviews, every once in a while they have a bad batch of PCB\'s.

Great Quality

Apr 11, 2016 by Mat

I can’t say anything bad! I needed a 2-layer 5x5cm PCB. Following points were important for me:
-Good price / quality ratio
-Lead free (for my health AND the producer’s health!)
-Fast production / shipping
Elecrow had a matching package for 10 prototype PCB for only 9.90 US Dollar (plus shipping costs) which I have ordered. The PCB arrived very quickly in Switzerland and as far as I can tell, the quality is great. Silk screen on both sides. The silk is only a tiny little bit dislocated to the copper layer (but maybe this comes from my Gerber Files). Further, I am impressed how good and detailed the silk screen is. I tried to print very tiny characters and they look perfect. I contacted the customer service as well because I have ordered 5 instead of 10 pieces. They replied very quickly and changed that for me.
I am very happy with my order from Elecrow and it is not easy to find a bad point. The only thing that is not perfect are the edges of the PCBs. One edge of every PCB is not milled/catted properly but who cares.
+ Good price
+ Very good quality (compared to the cheap price)
+ Great customer service
+ Lead Free finishing
+ Choosing another colour than green is FREE (I took red. It looks very nice)
+ Silk screen on both sides, very detailed and good alignment to the copper layer

Amazing quality and customer service!

Apr 08, 2016 by Alexander Brevig

After testing a lot of services, I have ended up with a personal opinion that Elecrow is my best fit.

I also really like that they are so open and clear about their stackup for 4 layer impedance matching boards.

In summary, this service is worth every cent, and paying for express works well.

Meine erste Platine -SUPER

Mar 30, 2016 by norbert scholz

Ich kann meinem \"Vorschreiber\" nur uneingeschränkt beipflichten!
Dies war meine erste nicht selbstgeferitige PCB.
4-lagig /SMD für mein privates Homeautomatisierungs-Projekt.
10 Stück bestellt 15 geliefert, in perfekter Ausführung.
Ich bin begeistert!

Response: English translation:
I can recommend without reservations!
This was my first non selbstgeferitige PCB.
4 -layer / SMD for my private home automation project .
10 items ordered 15 delivered in perfect execution .
I\'m excited!

Fast, perfect, excellent

Mar 15, 2016 by Klemm Reinhart

Ich habe von der Schweiz aus mehrmals bei Elecrow bestellt. Die Platinen waren perfekt und die Kommunikation ausserordentlich nett und gut.
Ich kann dem Team nur ganz herzlich danken, Elecrow ermöglicht mir Projekte die ich früher nicht verwirklichen konnte.

Response: English translation with help from Google:

I have ordered several times from Switzerland at Elecrow . The boards were perfect and the communications extremely nice and good.
I can only thank the team very much. Elecrow allows me projects I previously could not have done.

Good product and good communication

Mar 02, 2016 by J

The boards I've received from Elecrow have all been top quality. Excellent coverage and the silkscreen is vibrant and sharp. The confirmation emails and shipment photos round out this excellent service. Recommended!

Amazingly Fast

Jan 25, 2016 by Hermann Kleier

This was my first order from Elecrow and I had chosen it because of their price. I had selected budget delivery (7 … 25 days, Germany) but I was very pleased to receive the boards 14 days after I had ordered them, Note that the time included the manufacturing!

The quality of the boards was great. I had used 8 mil traces which seem to be no challenge at all. the offset between soldering mask, drills and copper layer was no more than 4 mils. Silkscreen writing was sharp for 1mm text height and blurred (but readable) for 0.5 mm.


Jan 23, 2016 by Ted Drain

Ordered 10 10cm x 10cm boards and received 14 of them in about 2 weeks (to the US, West coast). Received status updates along the way and an email with a picture of the completed boards when they were shipped out. No issues at all - boards look great. Drill registration is right on and my odd shaped board was done perfectly. Will use them again.

My first PCB design WOW!

Jan 18, 2016 by Carrie Harrison

This was my first time ordering a PCB prototype and elecrow made it easy. I had several questions and the staff at elecrow were prompt to respond and great to work with. The price was by far the best I found after hours of searching and the website was simple and easy to navigate for a newbie. (not all are trust me) My prototype shipped on a Wed from China and arrived on my doorstep in the states on that Friday afternoon! WOW! The quality is amazing. This may be my first PCB design but I have held hundreds in my hands and soldered just as many boards before. These boards from elecrow are top shelf quality and I highly recommend them. Oh and I almost forgot they do not charge extra for whatever color you want. I highly recommend the blue. Great company to deal with. I will order from again.

Excellent work

Jan 16, 2016 by Jeff Glancy

I've ordered PCBs in various colors and sizes and stencils from them on three occasions. Production is quick, and they keep you well informed along the way. I am always well pleased with the quality of product.

Great PCBs

Dec 31, 2015 by xorly

I like their service! My order was 5 PCBs, got 2 more as bonus. The red mask is beautiful. They can handle nice thin silk screen (bit shifted, but ok). No problem with NPTHs. Well aligned vias drilling. Nice clean PCB edges, file not needed. Shipping took quite long, but hey, December...

Excellent value for money

Dec 01, 2015 by Jerome T.

This was the first time I ordered a PCB from any service so I cannot compare to any other manufacturers.
I ordered the "10 pieces 2 layer PCBs" for a 8x9 cms design.
It was fabricated within a few days and I received an email with a photo of my PCBs and the shipping note, which I found pretty cool.
The package was sent out very quickly and reached France within 7 business days after my order.
It then got stuck in Paris for a few days before reaching me at home.
In the box were 12 PCBs instead of 10 (sweet !), looking exactly as any other commercial grade PCB. I have only started soldering the components on it and so far everything is looking good. I will order again from Elecrow.

Excellent Service

Nov 25, 2015 by Didier Aeschimann

I have made a few PCB runs with Elecrow and they have always delivered good PCBs with a good solder mask and a fair silk screen.

Recently I tested out their provisioning service and assembly service on a small 20 board ENIG prototype run.
Pricing was great, both for parts and for assembly.
Communication was excellent, no problems with quotes,
they reviewed everything and even dropped me an email when they noticed a small error on silk screen after the order was placed.
They have also always sent a few extra PCBs over the amount ordered.

I will definitely continue to use their services.

4.7 5.0 53 53 Couldnt wish for more. About 1€ per board is a really good price, and quality is very good. Will order again for sure. Elecrow