Welcome to PCBShopper.com! We’re here to serve electronics professionals and hobbyists who are looking for the lowest cost manufacturer for their printed circuit boards. We also want to help you find free PCB CAD software that meets your needs, taking into account that many free packages are limited versions of commercial programs.

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New Manufacturer: ALLPCB

We’ve just added ALLPCB to our Fabrication price comparison list. ALLPCB is an unusual company: when you do a search for prices on their site, it returns the results from several different Chinese factories. You can then choose which factory to order from, although ALLPCB still handles the ordering process.

When PCBShopper shows you a price from ALLPCB, it will be from the factory offering the lowest price that meets your schedule (as specified in PCBShopper’s “Boards arrive in…” field).

New Feature: Board Thickness

By popular request, we have added a new PCB specification: board thickness. You can now specify the thickness of your board, choosing from 0.6, 0.8, 1.0. 1.2, 1.6 (the default), or 2.0 mm. We hope you find this useful.

More Solder Mask Colors

We’ve added more solder mask colors to our list: black matte, green matte, and transparent. Not many manufacturers offer these colors, but we’ll help you find the ones that do.

Solder mask color is usually an aesthetic choice, and is more of a “want” than a “must have”. And so when a manufacturer does not offer the requested color, we still show the manufacturer’s price, typically for boards with a green solder mask (although if you requested black matte and a manufacturer offers black, we’ll show you that price). We flag the price with a warning sign to let you know it’s not in your requested color.

We hope you find this useful.

Dirty PCBs is back

A while back, Dirty PCBs changed their web site and PCBShopper was no longer able to get prices from them. We have now updated our code to use their new site and Dirty PCBs is once again appearing in our price comparison calculator.

Unfortunately, their new web site no longer allows us to get shipping costs, and so PCBShopper will show estimated shipping costs for Dirty PCB orders.

New Assembler: Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio was one of the first PCB manufacturers on PCBShopper. Today, we’ve added them to our PCB assembly list as well. Seeed provided a straightforward API to fetch assembly prices which made them easy to add.

Seeed’s online form combines PCB manufacturing with assembly, whereas PCBShopper prices them separately. So if you want Seeed to assemble boards that they did not manufacture, you might need to contact them directly.

Sunstone Temporarily Disabled

Sunstone has made significant changes to their quote form. We need to rewrite PCBShopper’s interface to accommodate it. We expect to do this within a couple of weeks. Until then, we have disabled price quotes from Sunstone on PCBShopper.

Dirty PCBs Disabled

We have disabled Dirty PCBs on PCBShopper. Their web site changed and it appears there is no longer a way to get shipping information from their site. We will work on this and try to come up with a solution.

New Eagle Plug-In

There’s a new Eagle plug in that lets you easily get prices from PCBShopper for your board. You can download it from https://github.com/JeremyRuhland/pcbshopper. Thank you, Jeremy, for writing this!

New Banner

We have a new banner on our web pages. The old one was a CGI rendering of a shopping cart on a printed circuit board. The new banner is a photograph of a shopping cart on a printed circuit board – there is no CGI.

Both banners are inspired by the July, 1977 cover of Byte magazine, a painting by Robert Tinney that showed a train chugging along on a printed circuit board.

BasicPCB Joins Our Price Comparison List

BasicPCB.com is now included on our price comparison list. They provide prototype boards, made in the USA, at low prices. They ship the boards free via USPS Ground to US addresses. They do not ship outside the US, so PCBShopper users who are outside of the US will not see BasicPCB appear in the price results.

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