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There are 6 reviews with an average rating of 3.2.  

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Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Tom Moiannou on Advanced Circuits
Excellent Quality and Service

Every board I've done with 4pcb has worked perfectly well. The staff are super friendly and helpful. I did a board six months ago, I needed to send the gerber files to a client, I wanted to be 100% sure they were exactly the same ones I sent to 4pcb for fab, sent an email to 4pcb, and they responded with the gerbers in less than 24 hours.

The only drawback is the prices are kind of high and the options limited (without paying considerably more). I would note that some low cost manufacturers promise superior specs for lower prices, but my colleagues have had mixed results with these when pushing these to the limit (internal shorts developing in board, typically appearing after a few days of work, in an extreme case all 5 copies of same board shorted between same nets, which remained even after removing all components from board). 4PCB delivers what is promised for the agreed price, and the service is at least what you'd expect for what you're paying. Whenever I really want to make sure my board will work immediately, I order from 4PCB.

I do agree with other commenters they should modernize their website and expand the specification options of their specials (maybe add a few solder mask color options) to stay competitive. The product is good, the service is excellent, but marketing could be improved.

by Scott Lefton on Advanced Circuits
A very mixed experience

I've used Advanced Circuits for a number of prototype pc board projects and while the board quality has always been good, their free layout package is a nightmare to use with poor documentation and a very flaky user interface. (I guess you get what you pay for.) Good luck getting anyone in technical support to answer the phone, too. Be prepared that if you do get hold of someone and complain, they're likely to just tell you to go somewhere else.

by Bryce Nesbitt on Advanced Circuits
Stuck in the Past

I've had success with Advanced Circuits, and turn times and reliability have been great. The weakness is the quote process. The online system is "inches only", where my boards are metric. FreeDFM is stuck in the past, not even processing Gerber X2 files. You've got to enter all sorts of silly details, and it won't make the array for you. The pricing is all over the map, with all sorts of discount codes that seem better suited for late night TV than a professional board house.

by Colin Thompson on Advanced Circuits
High prices and poor service

I received a turnkey quote from Advanced Circuits which was higher than competitors and I assumed would translate into the highest quality product and service so I placed the order. After they had ordered all of the parts for the assembly, but before the PCBs were assembled, I realized there was a minor error in the circuit design. I put the order on hold to fix the error. In fixing the error, I was also able to eliminate several of the parts which should mean the cost of assembly would be less. I then submitted the revised design for a requote and to my surprise, received a quote that was about 30% more expensive than the first despite the fewer parts to assemble. They were absolutely clueless to the mistake. It took several emails to even show them there was an inconsistency in their quotes and then another few emails for them to figure out the problem. They claimed the first quote was under priced because they left out an "adder" for the board thickness. They offered me a 15% discount on the new higher priced quote for the mistake which still didn't compare to the original quote I agreed to and for which the parts were purchased. Now I was stuck with a high priced quote and a bunch of parts that I never would have had them purchase had they not screwed up the first quote. Ultimately, after many more phone conversations and emails, they refused to take any responsibility for their mistake. I ended up paying for the parts and having the assembly done with another company for literally a small fraction of the cost. The assembled PCBs from the other company were flawless.

Advanced Circuits is one of the most expensive PCB fabricators/assemblers and there is absolutely no reason to pay the higher prices. Their quoting process is a joke. Don't let a nice looking website or the "sales" they constantly advertise fool you.

by Rock Z on Advanced Circuits
Hundreds of orders - They do well!

Have used for hundreds of orders, they have done very well.
The one time they goofed up, they fixed it immediately, no pain. : )
Have never had a bad board and the turn around time is always right on.
We tend to buy everything made in the USA & Advanced does well for us.
Having someone to easily call & talk with if needed is great!

by Robert Z on Advanced Circuits
Multiple design penalty

The $33/board and $66/board prices are valid for ONE DESIGN only!