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There are 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.7.  

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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Brad V on Accutrace
Needed inexpensive, fast, they've got it

I had used express pcb for some time, but migrated to DesignSpark, and was using OshPark. Osh is fine but a lot of the time I needed someone quicker. I found pcb4u/Accutrace, and thought I'd try them. I was a little "concerned" by the website at first, but I've had them do about five orders now and I'm always pleased with the results. I've looked around a lot and the price and turn-around can't be beat.

With a couple of orders, I messed up a few gerber files. They called me to resolve the situation. It was really appreciated to have someone call up and suggest resolutions.

by Xen on Accutrace
excellent quality, fast delivery, great deal

I found Accutrace by searching PCBShopper and sorting by cheapest delivered fastest. I've placed 3 orders with them so far (received 2, one is on the way) and have been thrilled with the results. Excellent quality, fast delivery, and great deal. I highly recommend them if you like boards made and shipped from USA. I've waited forever on boards from China to get the deal... I love this option. Turned out to be a better deal, better quality, and faster shipping than my other experiences. Options are nice -- Accutrace has options if you want boards made faster, or shipped overnight, or an additional discount on a second batch if you don't mind waiting longer. Website reminds me of something from the 90s but it works and I've talked with them on the phone, and thru email -- in native English. I will continue to order my PCBs from Accutrace.

Thanks PCBShopper for the heads-up!

by Riley Hosman on Accutrace
Messed up shipping, however boards were good

I paid $175 for 10 boards shipped overnight. They worked well. My first order went smoothly. With my second order, they shipped to the completely wrong address and used 2-day shipping instead of overnight. It put us behind schedule. They stopped responding to emails. I never got angry in the emails, they were all nice. I might order from them again, but I will avoid if there are competitive options.

by Paul on Accutrace
Great Deal

Their website might be a little bit dated, but the deal and the service are great! I ordered 10 boards with overnight shipping on Monday, the next Tuesday I got 12 boards in the morning. I'm going to recommend them to all the other senior design teams.

by TheJBW on Accutrace
On Time and High Quality

The boards were good quality and on time. Turn around time was just under two weeks, from order to at my door. The total cost was as promised ($40 for 10 boards). Great deal for a USA based board shop.

The only objection I had was that I didn't get a tracking number or ship notification until I e-mailed them (even when checking their order status page), but in the grand scheme of things, I'd happily order again.

by dshay on Accutrace

Ordered 14 boards and got 14 more at a deeply reduced rate, excellent quality, excellent customer service, quick delivery. Will totally buy again.

by John McDonough on Accutrace
Top notch

High quality boards, on time, reasonable price. I've only ordered small batches, but one order was missing a layer, they called, I emailed the missing file and they still got it on time. And really quite nice boards.

by Richard Fritz on Accutrace
Good reliable shop

Prices are lower than listed here, at least in qty 300 to 500.
My 2 layer boards tend to be about half of the price shown here, although with 3 to 4 week delivery. I plan ahead.
Quality always good, ALWAYS on time.
Have bought thousands of boards from them.

PCBShopper calculates the price assuming a 5 day lead time for 2 layer boards, 8 days for 4 layers, and 10 days for 6 or more layers. Of course, if you choose longer lead times, the prices will be lower.

by Sid on Accutrace
High Quality - Amazing Price

I got 50 1.5 x 4 inch PCBs for only 112.50 plus shipping! The first 25 at $3 each and the next 25 at half price! Very nice quality. The silkscreen came out great and the via holes are nicely centered in the middle of the copper ring. If you can live with silkscreen on only one side and a 5 day turn (plus shipping), this is the way to go. If you need silkscreen on both sides, their prices jump to about the same as the other guys. Since you can get your first 10 boards (the minimum order) for only $30 (and another 10 for $15 more), this is practical for home projects too. To me the quality looks to be as good as AP Circuits and Advanced Circuits (the only others I've used lately).

by Trevor on Accutrace
Reliable and Inexpensive

I have run 5 revisions of a 2-layer prototype PCB through PCB4U, with the 20 square inches $10 per 10up price, even though the board is perilously close to 40 sq inches. Every one has been delivered to schedule, although FedEx Economy has a habit of letting a shipment sit in its local warehouse an extra day rather than deliver it early. One nice touch is to offer you a second 10 PCBs for half the price of the first ten as you are placing your order. Excellent value that way!